2. “He finally picked up his pen and, in the unlikely backdrop of Disney World, at the Polynesian Village Hotel, officially ended the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in history by simply scrawling John Lennon at the bottom of the page.”  -May Pang 

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    industrial vintage in barcelona

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    Hallstatt am Morgen by Jürgen Prehl | (Website)

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    Drayton Hall, Charleston, South Carolina 

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    Lost Lake and snowy mountains - hiked up to an amazing place and saw two life birds. #nature #Alaska #personal #fuckyeahhiking #awesomesauce

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  8. "Being egotistical is not so bad. Being a boring conversationalist….why….."
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    I‘m for anything that gets you through the night, be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniel.”


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    "Electric Blossom" series by Torkil Gudnason

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    "Sexy Sadie, you broke the rules.  You laid it down for all to see."


  12. Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash | Girl From The North Country

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